4 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill This Fall

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July 11, 2019
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Lower Your Energy Bill and See How Much You Can Save

Winter is coming! But that doesn’t mean your wallet should pay for it. Rising energy bills may seem inevitable in the cold months, but fear not, we have tips and tricks for saving your pennies this winter, while also staying warm. Many tricks like weatherproofing your home, and making sure all of your appliances have the proper maintenance and upgrades they need to be correctly functioning, can save you hundreds of dollars annually. If you’re willing to make a few minor lifestyle choices not only your wallet will thank you, but the environment will as well. With all the money you save it might feel like winning the lottery!

Bundle up

Keeping a few extra layers on will keep you warm and allow you to set your thermostat a little lower than you usually would. By keeping it a little cooler in your house you can save a significant amount of money and lower your energy bill monthly. For every degree you drop your thermostat anywhere in the 60-70 degree range, you save 5% on your monthly energy bill. So if you generally keep it at a warm 78 degrees during the cold winter months, try keeping your sweater on and drop the temperature a little lower to 75 degrees to save a whopping 15% monthly. Also turning the temperature down when you’re not home or sleeping will help savings immensely. Think of the long hours you are at work with no one home, but also consider pets if you have any.

Step into the future

Installing smart home products can make your home extremely energy-efficient. Many systems will adjust your thermostat for you and cut your energy bill significantly. According to EnergyStar, homeowners with smart thermostats save up to $180 annually on the cost of heating and cooling their homes. These smart devices optimize energy by only heating or cooling your home when you’re present or awake. Smart thermostats can also adjust themselves to factors contributing to energy loss, such as draftiness or the amount of time a home will take to warm up. Smart home users have reported
saving up to 15% on cooling costs and 10-12% on heating costs.

Upgrade your life

Who doesn’t love getting new appliances? Studies have shown that running appliances can make up for 20% of your monthly energy bill. Buying new appliances that are energy-efficient can cut monthly costs dramatically. A perfect example being energy-efficient refrigerators use 50% less energy than refrigerators manufactured 15 years ago. Upgrading appliances such as washing and drying machines, ovens, and microwaves can make an enormous cut in order to lower your energy bill.

Delete the draft

This one may seem obvious, but many people don’t even notice their house has a draft and is letting in cold air. This airflow that comes inside your home can increase your heating bill by up to 25% monthly. Making sure your windows and doors are properly insulated is the first step in taking action against cold drafts this upcoming winter. Chimneys are also a very common area for letting cold air leak into your home. If you notice any of your windows or doors are letting in a draft, a $2 bottle of caulking will fix your problem and start saving you money in no time.
Energy efficiency and saving money on your heating costs this winter can come in many forms! Schedule a FREE consultation for a home energy audit with Air Expo and we can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide a detailed room-by-room assessment of your home. Make the most of your energy dollar and improve your overall comfort and peace of mind.

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