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November 11, 2020
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Types of Heating Systems

The cold seasons’ freezing or snowy temperatures can be managed by dressing in heavy jackets and coats while outdoors. However, when indoors, it is very uncomfortable going to bed or relaxing on the couch with such clothing. You’ll often want to be dressed lightly and comfortably when going to bed or while relaxing on your luxurious couch watching your favorite show or movie.

That’s where a home heating system comes in handy. Heated using different fuels, this essential household equipment works by replacing the cold air flowing into your room with a warm one.

There are several types of home heating systems. Here are the major ones.


You’ve probably heard or used a furnace somewhere as they are one of the commonest air heating systems. Run-on fuel oil, electricity, or natural gas, furnaces heat and blow air via ducts to warm the desired spaces.

The key components of furnaces include metallic heat exchangers, air handling fans, and ductwork. A power source is used to heat the heat exchanger. The furnace fan then transmits the heated air via the ductwork, and the air is vented out to the home space that requires heating.


Boilers have their roots dated back to the 1700s. Boilers heat water using oil or natural gas and distribute it in hot moisture form. The boiler system has a pump for distributing the hot water, pipes through which the hot water flows, and radiators for releasing the hot water in moisture form to the spaces being heated. Compared to furnaces, boilers are easier to install.

Heat Pumps

Smarter and more efficient, heat pumps are two-way air heating systems. The units cool spaces during summer and heat them during winter. In summer, the units release hot indoor air and replace it with cooler air, while in winter, they release hot air indoors to heat the cold spaces.

Heat pumps come in two main options, air-source heat pumps, and ground-source systems. Air-source systems use air from the exterior to heat rooms in winter. As for ground-source pumps, they source the heat from underground. The air-source option is in high demand because it is affordable and can easily be installed. Ground-source unit is a bit costly and complex to install but more efficient to maintain.

Gas-fired Space Heaters 

These are modern air heating systems commonly used in many modern homes. Gas-fired space heaters come in different options, such as floor-mounted, wall-mounted, and free-standing options. The units are compact enough to fit anywhere and efficient enough to heat the dedicated spaces. They are often ignited using burn kerosene, natural gas, or propane.

Electric Space Heaters 

Portable plug-in electric space heaters are affordable and highly common home heating solutions today. The problem with these units is the high operation costs. Electric-powered heaters consume almost two times the amount of energy the oil or gas heated units consume to generate the same amount of heat.

Wood and Pellet-Burning Stoves 

These heating systems are commonly used in homes in the countryside. Compared to electricity, gas, or oil-powered heaters, wood, and pellet heating systems are way more affordable. However, they are not sustainable or environmentally friendly.



Fireplaces have been used since ancient times. They’re often added to interior decors to provide a warm glow and add guise to spaces. However, these heating systems may not be a great choice for someone looking for long-term efficiency and reliability. It may not be installed anywhere in the house, and each time you need to heat up the house, you’ll need to set up the fireplace.

Your comfort at home can be enhanced by having an efficient air heating system installed. At Air Expo, we sell, install, and do maintenance services for all types of home heating systems. Our high-qualified technicians will get your home running efficiently. Contact us today for any inquiries or to get a quotation.


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