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A main component of any forced air Heating or Air Conditioning system is the distribution or “ducted” system. These ducts host the cooled or warmed air back and forth from your unit to the various vents in your home. While you may see them as simple transporters of air, properly functioning ducts are vital to the efficiency of your unit. Common problems for distributions ducts are: excessive air leaks, imbalances, undersized ducts and insufficient CFM (cubic feet per minute) capacity. Any distribution air duct issue will result in an inefficient system. Inefficient systems cost more to operate, break down more frequently and don’t provide the level of comfort you expect.

Experienced Air Expo technicians will expertly diagnose your home’s duct system. We will calculate how much air is needed to cool and heat your home and whether or not your duct system is up to par. Our licensed technicians will provide you with options to solve any air handling problems that are uncovered and can properly repair your duct-related issues, no matter how challenging.

In our industry, it is common for distribution ducts to be installed incorrectly. Inefficient duct work causes strain on your unit, improper air flow and excessive electricity bills. Air Expo designs and installs duct systems in compliance with ACCA’s Manual D Air Duct Design. Following the Manual D method of duct design avoids issues of temperature differentiation and the common complaint of excessive noise due to the fan running inefficiently.

Air Expo uses only the highest-rated, energy-efficient materials. With confidence, our technicians use HVAC components from the following companies, just to name a few:

  • Hart & Cooley
  • 3M Industrial Adhesives
  • Aeroflex
  • Thermaflex
  • Metal-Fab
  • Universal Spiral Air

As part of our Air Expo family, every customer is treated with respect and provided with a level of customer service that cannot be matched.

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