Fall HVAC Maintenance

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August 19, 2016
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November 2, 2016

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your home comfortable and cozy throughout the chilly months starts with proper fall HVAC maintenance. To ensure your AC system receives proper fall maintenance you should have professionals come out and inspect it. During the inspection your HVAC maintenance professional will tell you what needs to happen to keep your system running at its best. Fall HVAC maintenance will include:

Cleaning and Changing of the Filters in the System

All HVAC systems have filters. Filters that are dirty will cause your heating system to run poorly making it more difficult to cleanse and warm the air in your home effectively. Keep in mind, anytime HVAC system runs longer it needs more electricity, which can cause your utility costs to rise.

Ensuring You Home is Insulated Properly

Poorly insulated homes will lose the heat your HVAC system produces. If your HVAC maintenance professionals find drafts they will recommend insulating attics, around heating systems, doorways and windows, crawlspaces and any additional areas where drafts are flowing through with ease. After all, they are trying to help you stay warm during cooler days.

Checking for Fuel and Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Fuel and carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly. Your HVAC maintenance professional will ensure you do not have any leaks coming from your heating system during the maintenance check routine. If there are leaks the system will be shut down and fixed immediately. You may even be asked to leave your home until the repairs are made. After all, explosions from fuel leaks are possible and carbon monoxide when breathed into the lungs can kill you and love ones. If you ever suspect a fuel leak, call for emergency service and leave your home.

Inspection of the Thermostats

To ensure your HVAC system is producing the proper temperatures you desire, your HVAC maintenance professional will also check the thermostat to make sure they are running properly as well. If it is not, then your licensed technician can repair or replace the thermostat.

Venting Systems

In order for the heat to be evenly distributed throughout your home, your inspection will also include a venting systems check. The HVAC maintenance professional will go around your home and make sure heat is blowing freely out of the venting systems. If air isn’t moving freely, they will determine what the issue is and expertly repair it.

Checking Electrical Connections

Making sure your HVAC has a proper electrical connection is essential for effective running at the proper amperage. If the electrical connection is poor, sometimes a new outlet needs to be installed, or breaker in the electrical box to keep the heating systems running the way they are designed. Sometimes new electrical cords for the heating systems are necessary.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Without a proper fall HVAC maintenance inspection, you could experience a variety of issues. Don’t get left out in the cold, call the experts at Air Expo NJ today to schedule a maintenance check up on your HVAC unit.

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