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October 16, 2020
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The Importance of Maintaining Your Oil Furnace

When it gets cold, you heavily rely on your furnace to keep you warm and cozy. But to enjoy reliable heating, you need to maintain your furnace properly. Oil furnaces need more maintenance than gas furnaces because of grime, soot, and debris buildup comes naturally in an oil-burning furnace.

To ensure your furnace is clean and operating optimally, you need to schedule maintenance each heating season to clean and check for any damage in order to avoid a costly furnace repair bill. Here are the benefits of having a well-maintained oil furnace.

Indoor Air Quality

A poorly maintained oil furnace can negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home. Dust particles and debris get caught up in the air filters preventing it from spreading throughout your home. But if you don’t regularly service and replace your air filters, debris buildup will lead to inefficiency in the air filters. Dirty air filters are not only hazardous to your family’s health but also cause your furnace system to lag.

Oil furnaces burn fossil fuels, a process that can omit harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide into your home. A regular maintenance check ensures that your furnace is exhausting the gasses properly. Our technicians will check for carbon monoxide and check and clean the heat exchange exchanger to ensure it’s operating as it should. During a maintenance service call, technicians will clean out your filters and replace them, enabling your furnace to operate more efficiently and circulate clean air in your home.

Prolong Equipment Life

When you maintain your furnace, you’re more likely to catch problems early before they escalate into bigger problems that can lead to costly repairs or complete furnace replacement. Our skilled technicians will check all the inner workings of your equipment, clean, and conduct any necessary repairs.

Annual maintenance is also a condition for most warranties. So if you don’t want to breach your warranty terms, you need to schedule regular maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

When you maintain your oil furnace properly, you’ll enjoy better efficiency and have reliable heat throughout the cold months. A maintenance check ensures that the furnace’s mechanical components are lubricated, and the whole system is cleaned to remove any debris clogging the filters and the air ducts. When your furnace isn’t properly maintained, it uses more energy to circulate heat, resulting in high energy bills. Seasonal maintenance ensures that the furnace operates at peak capacity while being energy efficient.

Savings on Furnace Repair and Replacement

Just like any machine, your oil furnace will need repairs once in a while, even if it’s regularly maintained. But unlike a hardly serviced furnace, the repairs will be minor, which will cost you less. You’ll also avoid unnecessary replacement costs due to poor maintenance. When you have a maintenance plan with Air Expo, you’ll save money on costly repairs and replacements. Our technicians will ensure that your oil furnace serves you for a long time and only recommend replacement when it’s necessary.

Prevent Accidents

Oil furnaces can sometimes become combustible. If you notice that your furnace doesn’t ignite its fuel oil properly and you have to reset it multiple times, chances are, oil is pooling at the bottom of the burner assembly. This puts your family and property at risk since the oil can ignite at any time.


Regular maintenance of your oil furnace is crucial for you to enjoy uninterrupted heat and comfort in your home. It will also save you money and keep your family and property safe. To get all these benefits and more, contact the professionals at Air Expo and let us provide you with the service and maintenance you need.

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