Oil to Gas Conversion


Oil to Gas Conversion

If you are considering switching from oil to gas you have come to the right place. Air Expo is ready to go and will walk you through every step of the oil to gas conversion process.

Gas and oil are rival siblings, but gas has several benefits over oil. At Air Expo we highly recommend home owners to consider an oil to gas conversion, for a more efficient easy to maintain and long lasting home heating system. Natural gas is a clean-burning alternative fuel that you can also use to power many of the appliances and systems in your home—reducing your electricity usage. Natural gas is also a quick, efficient way to heat water for the dishwasher, washing machine, showers and spa tubs. When storms knock out the electricity, a natural gas-powered backup generator will keep your lights and everything else running until the utility companies can make repairs.

Because it’s piped in, not unlike the way electricity comes into your home, you no longer have to worry about scheduling deliveries or monitoring levels. Natural gas equipment tends to be highly efficient which saves you money and low maintenance. Oil tanks in your basement take up a lot of space and are messy when they leak and the problem is even worst when one leaks in the ground in your yard.

Making the switch typically takes a little more than two days, and Air Expo technicians have the skills and training to make sure your conversion is done correctly, safely and with minimum disruption.

  • Contact Air Expo Heating & Air Conditioning for a free in home estimate and detailed explanation of the process of converting to gas heat, the clean fuel.
  • We take care of all the paperwork and permits.
  • If you already have natural gas in your home the we can easily do a conversion from oil to gas.
  • If you do not have gas in your home we will walk you through the steps of determining whether or not you can get a line brought in from your local gas supplier.
  • If your conversion involves removing an underground oil tank, we can refer you to trusted contractors who will handle this aspect of the job for you properly.

Switch to Gas Heat today and reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

More reasons to convert from oil to natural gas heating:

  • Conversion to Natural Gas heat will save on energy costs.
  • Thinking of selling your home in the future? Today’s buyers want clean, natural gas heat.
  • No more oil deliveries and paying for oil before you use it.
  • No worries about leaking oil tanks and costly remediation.

Are you ready to change to gas heat? We’re ready to help you! Call 973-283-0300 today to schedule your free in-home estimate!