Could Your Air Conditioner be Making You Sick? Read More to Find Out

Regular maintenance on your HVAC is required in New Jersey, Here’s Why:
June 10, 2020

How Do You Get Air Conditioner Sickness?

It is undeniable that air conditioning plays an exceptional role in cooling blazing homes in hot summers. They also strive to give people a calm, relaxing environment as they return home from a hot and sweaty day at work. The fresh, dry air that emanates from the AC makes you refreshed and invigorated as your risen sweat pores begin to settle down.

Peace is not for more than half an hour

However, the artificial cooling from these air conditioners will only give peace to you for not more than thirty minutes. After some time, you would eventually begin to feel Air conditioning sickness symptoms followed by shivering and body pain. Then you would desire to go out in the hot sun to warm your body.

The positive side of Air Conditioning

Nevertheless, air conditioning systems are a vital part of homes, departmental stores, offices, and other public places. They tend to give people relief once they step into these places from a blazing sun outside. Furthermore, cooling air conditioning systems are preferable for those who are suffering from asthma or any allergic issue. It is because dust and pollen are effectively filtered through the purifiers installed in the AC. These purifiers also enable air conditioners also remove the humidity from the surrounding so that we can breathe easily in clean air. In addition to that, the cooling from air conditioners also prevents the risk of a heat stroke.

Potential Side Effects and Symptoms of Air Conditioning Sickness

If you want that the positive side of air conditioners should be attained at all times, you strictly need to ensure that your air conditioners are always monitored closely, these cooling systems need to be well maintained, checked continuously, and cleaned either by the users or by professional technicians. Most importantly, if the air conditioner temperature is kept too low, then your health will be negatively affected. So let us first explore, the possible adverse health side effects of these air conditioners:

  • Problems with breathing

If you pay no heed to clean the filter of your AC or change it after every few months, then your air conditioners would become a home for fungus, bacteria, and black mold. These menaces are the result of the moisture that is built up in the coils of the filtering mechanism of air conditioners when the fresh air passes through them. When such contaminated air permeates the environment as the AC is switched on, it gives rise to contagious diseases which can be as deadly as pneumonia.

  • Headaches and body aches lead to tiredness

The cooling from the AC will cease to provide you with a peace of mind when it is running on low temperatures throughout the day. As the air becomes too unbearable, you experience a heavy head and body pains from shivering. As a result, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work. A good remedy for this is that you raise the temperature of your AC to some extent and take frequent breaks outside to breathe in fresh air.

  • Skin becomes dehydrated and dry

The cold, dry air that stems from the Ac will cause your skin to lose moisture. It is because you spend a considerable amount of time freezing your body in air conditioning places. The best way to overcome skin dryness is to keep your skin hydrated and lubricated with a good moisturizer.

Air conditioners, nowadays are a prerequisite of modern society. People desire a relaxed, welcoming environment all the time so that they can work productively. So to sustain such an environment, people need to take active measures in cleaning their AC filters, shift the temperatures, and most importantly, believe that artificial air from ACs cannot match the fresh air from the natural environment. If you live in the North New Jersey area and are looking for AC Maintenance or Air Filtration systems, give the experts at Air Expo a call.

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