Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs and Keep Your HVAC in Top Shape All Year

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May 13, 2019
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June 14, 2019

Want to Avoid Costly HVAC Repairs? We’ll Show You How

Keeping your home a comfortable temperature can arguably be one of the most important and expensive luxuries you can have as a homeowner. No one wants to come inside from a hot summer’s day to an even hotter house; or a cold brisk winter day to a bone-chilling house. To ensure you always have a comfortable home to return to, HVAC maintenance can be extremely important. Heating and cooling your home can be quite costly, especially if your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly. Follow these next maintenance steps to ensure your system stays in tip top shape and keeps your monthly electric bill as low as possible.

Inspect Air Filters Monthly:

Keeping your filters changed (or if they’re permanent-cleaned) every month is imperative for keeping costs down. When your filter is dirty and clogged this forces your system to work overtime, making your electric bill higher-which is something no homeowner wants. A dirty filter can also lead to damage to your system, causing an early failure and thousands of dollars in repairs.

Keep The Area Clear:

Although it is impossible to protect your HVAC system from all of earths elements due to its location outside, you can still maintain the area that surrounds it. Having overgrown shrubbery surrounding your HVAC can block airflow, making your system work even harder; it can even cause damage to your system causing hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

Install a Programmable Thermostat:

The future is here and it’s all about saving money. By installing a bluetooth power thermostat, you can control the temperature of any room in your house, from anywhere on the planet. Having this power will help save energy by increasing temperatures of the rooms you don’t use daily, and even increasing temperatures when you’re not home to save power. This has been known to cut homeowners electric bills by 10% monthly.

Throw Some Shade:

Keeping sunlight out of rooms will help keep temperatures down especially during the hot summer months. By letting in too much sunlight, the rooms temperature will increase causing your HVAC system to work overtime trying to get rid of the excess heat. Studies have shown keeping windows open will increase your electric bill by a whopping 15% monthly.

Use A Ceiling Fan:

This goes along with cutting costs monthly as well. By increasing the temperature in your home by a degree or two and turning the fan on will help lower your monthly electric consumption. By increasing the temperature your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, and with the ceiling fan on your won’t even notice the temperature increase due to the nice breeze. Over working your HVAC system is the most notorious reason for shortened lives of HVAC systems.

These are great easy tips all homeowners can follow to increase the lifespan of your HVAC in your home. Scheduling regular maintenance annually will provide a more indepth layer of inspection and can catch potentially costly repairs before they become such. Avoid costly HVAC repairs today by scheduling a maintenance call. Check out our seasonal maintenance programs and see what more we can do for you at amazingly low prices.

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