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April 22, 2018
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Energy saving tips for your air conditioner

Here are some energy saving tips for the most popular way to keep cool on the hottest of days; by using your HVAC unit. In North Jersey we run our air-conditioners nearly half the year and that could lead to costly expenses. As a homeowner you know the value of a dollar and you certainly don’t want to be wasteful. Here are the top ways that you can save money while still keeping cool and comfortable in your home.

Programmable Thermostat

A fantastic way to save money and be energy conscious is to have a programmable thermostat installed. Setting it to run only at certain times during the day and have it shut off when it is not needed will save you a lot of money.  Programmable thermostats are simple to set and forget.  Your home will be comfortable 24/7 with a programmable thermostat.  A professional HVAC contractor will be able to quickly and efficiently install a programmable thermostat.  You will see a reduction in your energy bill after the first month of use.

Temperature Settings

Your air-conditioner is meant to keep you comfortable in your home. Many people have their temperatures set to low which leads to excessive usage. There is an optimal temperature degree which maintains optimal efficiency. Keeping your air-conditioner set at 78° during even if the hottest of days will still bring you relief. The lower you go the more money you will spend.

Keep it clean

A dirty HVAC unit and filter means an inefficiently running system. Keep your unit free of dirt and particles outside and always regularly change your air filters. Keep your outdoor unit free of dirt and debris. Use a soft broom outside to gently brush off leaves or debris if needed.  Having your unit checked by a professional on a yearly basis will keep it in good working condition and running efficiently which will save you money. Seasonal maintenance not only catches early issues saving you money, but also maintains a level of efficiency so that your unit is always running in top performance.

Proper Insulation

In order to reduce the amount of leaking air you need to have the proper installation around your windows and doors.  If your home is drafty or the insulation is deteriorating, then the heat from outdoors has no barrier and seeps in which leads to higher energy costs. Insulated drapes also work well for winter and summer months keeping indoor temps regulated from the harsh weather outside. Check the insulation and make sure there are no gaps.

Your HVAC unit is vital to your comfort, especially during the hottest times of year. However this comfort can come at a cost. If you follow these regular tips you can save money on your HVAC energy consumption and bills. For all of your HVAC needs including maintenance and repairs call the experts at Air Expo today.


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