Seven Signs Your A/C Needs Servicing

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May 4, 2022
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August 10, 2022

When it comes to knowing when to service your air conditioning, most of the signs are pretty evident.  Most times the system takes too long to cool the home, just doesn’t blow cold air, or maybe it won’t even turn on at all.  These signs make themselves very known to the homeowner that it’s time to service the air conditioning system.  However are there signs that are more discreet but still mean the system should be serviced? Absolutely!


Excessive Noise


An air conditioning system, just like any machine, will make some kind of noise as it operates.  However if you notice that your system’s auditory output is beginning to grow to more than just a quiet background noise, then a diagnostic appointment should be scheduled.  Excessive noise is one of the most common signs that there is a problem with the system.


The excessive noise can be attributed to a wide variety of potential causes.  The first would be your ductwork.  If there is any type of built up pressure in your ductwork, this can be the catalyst to the popping noises that you hear every time your unit turns on. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you have any type of cracks or seals that are loose, you may hear a loud hissing noise.  Another potential cause could be loose parts in the unit.  These parts would make noises similar to rattling and clunking, and if it isn’t resolved soon enough, these parts could fall out and cause serious damage to your system.




When you think of your home having a stenchy funk to it, your first thought would probably be something along the lines of that the garbage needs to be taken out or there’s spoiled food somewhere.  However these odors could be the effect of built up bacteria and other microbes in a very dirty air conditioning system.  A diagnostic should be scheduled as the smells will only get more potent.


Frozen Parts


Air conditioning systems operate using refrigerants, naturally dehumidifying your home in the process, which results in condensation.  If the refrigerant is leaking it could cause the condensation to freeze.  The harm in this comes when the frozen part thaws, as all the dust and other debris in the melting condensation collects at once in the drain.  This is a sign of what is probably a leak in an inefficient and unhealthy air conditioning system.  A diagnostic should be scheduled immediately to not only protect your system, but also stop the leaking of these chemicals which will help save the environment and your wallet as the leaked refrigerant has to be replaced.


Frequent Cycles


An air conditioning system is designed to turn on and off again consistently, however it should not be constant.  If you find yourself observing your system constantly switching from on to off again and again, then it’s a sign that your system is damaged.  Depending on the severity of the damage, the issue could be resolved with a quick and simple service, but the worst case scenario is having to replace the whole air conditioning system.


Abnormally High Electric Bills


Air conditioning your home is one of the most expensive ways to rack up your electricity bills.  However, if you begin to be billed for abnormally high electric use, it would be best to schedule a diagnostic appointment with us.  These high electric bills could be a sign that your system is inefficient and it could be tuned up to not only save you money on your utilities, but also extend the life of your air conditioning system.


Slow to Turn On


A comfortable temperature is a very fluid number that varies from person to person, and because of this the thermostat is something that gets reprogrammed consistently by its users.  Next time you change the temperature settings on your thermostat, take a moment and pay attention to how long the system takes to turn on.  If it’s an extended period of time, this could be a sign that your air conditioning system should be serviced to prevent further damage from taking place.


High Humidity


A good quality and healthy air conditioning system should naturally keep the humidity levels in your home in check, so if you notice the air in your home is abnormally humid, schedule a diagnostic to see if it’s the fault of a defunct air conditioner or if a whole house dehumidifier would be the best bet.


There could be any reason why your air conditioning system is having any problem, however your first step should always be to contact Air Expo Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a diagnostic, that way we can identify the problem and quickly resolve it.

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