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March 1, 2019
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How Do Split Air Conditioning Units Save Me Money?

Running the Air conditioner can be pricey during the summer months, especially living in New Jersey. Especially in the early months when the temperatures can swing from high to low overnight. Everyone is looking to cut their costs in bills, but no one is willing to live uncomfortably in the heat. Installing a ductless air conditioning unit could be the answers to all of your problems. Ductless systems are cost effect and energy efficient, and you will find they pay back their initial price rather quickly because their performance saves you so much money as you use it. Here’s just a few of the ways a ductless air conditioning unit will be the best purchase you could make:

No More Cold Air Loss:

Depending on how large your house is, while traveling through ducts, air often increases in temperature. Which means the air will not be as cool as it should be when it reaches the desired rooms. Due to the air increasing in temperature, the AC unit will be required to run more often which costs you more money. By removing the ducts it stops the process of the air heating, giving your unit and bank account a break. Not to mention the energy consumption.

No duct repairs or cleaning:

In order to keep your air conditioner running properly you need to ensure you keep your ducts clean and in good shape; this can sometimes be costly. Think of allergens and bacteria/mold that grows if not done! Proper maintenance of your air ducts should be scheduled for inspection biannually in order to maintain indoor air quality. If anything were to happen to the ducts, such as leaks or gaps, this would require repairs to restore them. By taking away the ducts, you won’t have any of these extra expenses.

Only cool the rooms that need it:

Due to the fact ductless split systems each use individual blowers, you can choose to shut off cooling in specific rooms that no one is currently occupying. For example, if you have empty bedrooms (such as guest rooms, offices etc.) or a dining room that only gets used on the holidays, you don’t have to spend the extra power to cool them down when you shouldn’t have to. Something as simple as this can save you hundreds over the course of a year, and you don’t even notice the change.

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