What Should You Know about a Dirty Flame Sensor?

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January 7, 2017
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March 29, 2017

Do you have a dirty flame sensor?

Does your furnace turn on and run for a brief time then shut off again, maybe up to three times before it completely shut down and stops working? If this is the case you are not alone. One of the most common furnace issues is a dirty flame sensor. There are a few causes of a dirty flame sensor. If left untreated you will be without heat and gas could leak into your home creating a harmful environment.

What is a flame sensor?

A flame sensor is a part of every furnace. Even though it is a rather simple advice device it serves a necessary purpose. This thin metallic rod is located directly in front of the flame and is meant to validate that there is a flame present. It is basically a safety device so that the furnace will only run if there is a flame. If the furnace goes on with no flame then there could be a gas buildup which could cause a dangerous situation. If the sensor doesn’t detect the flame then it will automatically shut down the furnace. Many units are equipped to allow the shut down three times before causing a full system safety lock out leaving you with no heat.

What are causes of a dirty flame sensor?

As with any piece of equipment a simple reason could be that dirty flame sensor just goes bad. However a more common reason is that it is just dirty. It is a sensitive sensor so any type of dust or carbon buildup could cause it to malfunction. Most people have their furnaces in a basement or laundry area where there is excess dust in the air. This dust could stick to the sensor making it dirty and causing your furnace to shut down.

How can I repair a dirty flame sensor?

As far as repairing this problem it is best to call in HVAC professional. They will have the proper tools and knowledge to quickly repair the problem and have your heat up and running in no time.

Can I prevent the flame sensor from getting dirty?

There is one way to prevent this type of issue with your furnace and that is regular maintenance. If you have your furnace cleaned and serviced about once a year you shouldn’t have a problem with your flame sensor because this is one of the areas that a professional will check for issues such as dust.
If you suspect you have a dirty flame sensor or any other issue with your furnace call the experts at Air Expo today. Our professionals will quickly and efficiently come to your home and repair any of your furnace issues so that you can return to being warm and cozy in your home.

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