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Choosing the Right Contractor

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Whether you’re updating an old, inefficient air conditioner or furnace or just getting service on your existing units, Air Expo is Northern New Jersey’s premium indoor comfort specialist. Choosing the right contractor can be frustrating and time consuming. No matter who you choose we have put together a list of questions you will want to ask contractors before you choose. When you are searching for AC Repair Near Me:

  • Ask for references: Former and even current customers are a great source for information about the company.
  • Appropriate licenses: Request to see all applicable state and local licenses, bonding and insurance coverage.
  • Better Business Bureau: To make sure the business is in good standing with the community, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there is a history of complaints and/or unresolved issues.
  • Written Proposal: Always get a written, detailed proposal of all work that is to be done and include start and finish dates. If making the final decision is difficult get two or thre estimates. The more information the better. Remember to not just compare price but most important is best value. Keep in mind that according to New Jersey law, all home improvement contracts include a 3-day right to cancel.
  • Maintaining your new system: Ask the contractor what aspects of your new system can you maintain yourself and/or do they offer service maintenance agreements? Maintenance agreements are one of the best ways to ensure your systems safety, performance and reliability.
  • Site evaluation: You should expect a thorough inspection of the site, which should include heat loss-heat gain calculations, current insulation factors and evaluation of your comfort goals.
    Warranties and guarantees: Manufacturer’s and dealer’s warranties will vary. Make sure this information is included in the estimate.

Choosing the wrong contractor can cost unnecessary time, money and even energy. Select a qualified, licensed contractor to avoid the following:

  • Unnecessary system breakdowns
  • Inefficient and/or unsafe operation
  • Improper installation
  • Factory warranties voided
  • Property damage and even theft
  • Possible higher energy bills
  • Lack of timely service
  • Equipment life shortened
  • Building code penalties and infractions

With the professional and experienced team at Air Expo, you can be rest assured your home and business will feel just the way you want it. Our Heating and Air Condition Services will help your home and business run efficiently, while being treated with the knowledge and customer service that only our representatives can provide. Given the opportunity, we are confident you will be more than satisfied with our work and happy to be part of the Air Expo family.

Michael Hauck, owner of Air Expo.